Dear Hunters,

Thank you all for your feedback over the last few months which helps us to get an overall impression of the season as a whole throughout the UK.

What a season it turned out to be, although September was dry and a little disappointing the rest was great. We had a good start with very early Morels and St Georges as well as some good Field mushrooms in early March. The warm July and the wetter August laid the foundation for what was the best late season for years with not only the best Ceps but also the variety was great. We had over 43 edible species on our New Forest Forays as well as the best Ceps for years.

You must remember that the Moon was at its nearest to the earth for 50 years and this I am sure was one of the reasons for the Cep bonanza. On one of our New Forest forays Ian found one of 1.388 kilos, the biggest I have ever seen.

Valerie and I have been busy this year with shows and forays, it was so nice to see so many friends at the Royal Norfolk Show in June as well as the new Aldborough Food Festival in September. We hope to attend both of these events again next year. The New Forest was again a great success as well as our local forays in Suffolk.

My new book ‘A Field Guide to the Edible Mushrooms of Britain and Europe’ was finally launched at the Swan Hotel in Southwold on September 1st with a very happy evening enjoyed by many friends. It was nice to have Peter Henley and his wife Avril with us as Peter and I worked very hard on the new photographic work the book required. Sales have so far been very good and we hope this will continue.

Over the next few weeks we shall continue to publish more recipes, please send us your suggestions of any favourites.

We had two days filming with the BBC East team for an item on wild food gathering and cooking to be screened in January. We will let you know the actual date as soon as it’s announced and we will put all the recipes on the web site.

Look out for Christmas present suggestions on the books, videos and equipment page, why not give a Foray voucher for Christmas. Next year we shall be charging £65 per person for a full day’s foray including lunch in the forest.

The season is not finished yet look out for those Blewits and Flammulina and please let me know of any special finds.

Best wishes to you all and let us hope 2007 will be another good season.

Happy Hunting

Peter Jordan

Peter Jordan

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